"Recently I had the pleasure of being on one of Emmett Hunts’ Photography Workshops. We met on a Saturday afternoon in Central Manchester and while group sizes cater for up to ten, I was lucky to find myself on a one-to-one. Emmett was super friendly, personable and a great teacher during the workshop (and also during a quick pint afterwards). 


I would describe myself as fairly new to photography, most likely under-prepared and under-researched - Emmett, however did not make me feel this way in the slightest and was more than prepared, well-researched and had an incredible passion for his craft. We looked through the work of some influential Photographers (and some of his favourites), before the 

session, as we divulged into what exactly it was I was hoping to gain from the workshop.


Through my work as a Graphic Designer, I felt confident enough with the composition of my photography, and thought that I would benefit the most from focusing the days session on the ins-and-outs of street photography as well as my camera settings -  What mode to shoot on, understanding the ISO, F stop and shutter speed and how they work with different lighting. I was not disappointed and noticed a vast improvement throughout the day in my ability to capture images in different lighting, whilst on the move. 


I really grew in confidence over the day, getting to know my camera (Fujifilm X-T100) and Emmett as well, who was the easiest person to get along with. We covered what most have been the whole of Manchester city centre over the day, but the conversation never stopped!


I would happily be able to recommend booking onto Emmetts’ workshop, for information on any aspect of street / lifestyle photography and haven't ruled out the possibility of booking on again for a ‘refresher’ course in a few months time!


Christopher Gerrard

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