I couldn't walk past. I could hear laughter from what I could only imagine were his friends as he sang in the same microphone as the old Caribbean busker. When I glanced away from the duo over to the crowd I realised they weren't laughing anymore, their laughter turned to awe. Their friend (if he was their friend) was an incredible singer. I stood and waited until he snag two more songs. I couldn't resist asking if I could take his portrait. 

Portrait - Manchester

Exploring Emotions

During the week I found myself eager to shoot some of my latest ideas for portraiture projects. I checked my calendar and contacted an actress who I have wanted to work with for some time now. Working with actors adds a different layer to a shoot. Some actors can tap into their emotions much more freely than others. Before Ruth (pictured) entered the studio my plan was to ask for emotion, which is another way of asking a subject to cry.


While Ruth was focusing on the emotion she decided to tap into, I started to think about the lighting.  I usually decide this before a shoot (or have a good idea of the light I want to use) but I wanted the lighting to compliment the mood created by the subject.

She was, quiet and patient throughout the entire process. My passive approach allowed Ruth to participate in a very direct fashion, which contributed to her own emotional narrative.

Thanks to Ruth for laying her emotions on so thick, and for trusting me to capture her raw talent.